Power of Attorney

Composing, drafting, and legalizing of powers of attorney (PoA or “vekalatnameh”) for performing legal and administrative duties in Iran are regulated by laws in Iran and require certain language. Lack of properly understanding this language can cause severe financial damage. For instance, a poorly worded power of attorney could enable a party to overstep the original intent of the power of attorney, which could lead to unsanctioned selling of property.

To help our clients avoid these sorts of mistakes, Legal Persian provides the following:

  • Expedited composition, drafting, and legalization of powers of attorney;
  • Obtaining the newly established, computerized barcodes from the Iranian Foreign Ministry website;
  • Legalization of administrative and legal PoAs.

Please note that due to constant changes in laws regarding legalization of PoAs, you may contact our office at 301-545-1860 for further information.