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Iranian Law and Islamic Law Expert Witness


Direct Dial: (301) 545-1861

Gaithersburg, MD Office

Hessam Mirzaei is the founder and lead expert in the Iranian law and Islamic law at Legal Persian L.L.P. He has several years of experience with testifying in both trials and deposition as an expert witness in the fields of real estate, divorce, administrative and civil procedure of Iran and Iraq. He has served as a lead international expert witness and drafted numerous reports in high-stakes cases both in the U.S. and Iran. As a renowned Iranian law expert, he has published on a variety of topics, and journals in Iranian newspapers and magazines.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Has been deposed and testified as a Iranian law expert witness at trial numerous times.
  • Completed over 40 real estate sales for Iranian-American clients over a 9 year period with 100% success rate.
  • Managed transactions projects with more than four million dollars in proceeds of sale.
  • Advised clients on many pending civil and criminal cases in Iran
  • Drafted more than 10,000 powers of attorney and affidavits.
  • Conducts research in the field of Iranian laws consequence on ex-patriots living aborad.
  • Received two masters’ degrees from American University School of law in Washington D.C., one in International business studies, and one in Law and Government.
  • Obtained over 4,000 passports, birth certificates, ID card, military exemptions, marriage license and divorce documents.
  • Translated over 1000 hours of audio translations and hundreds of pages of texts in English to Farsi and vice versa.
  • Obtained Iranian tourist visa for American citizens.



  • Legal Persian L.L.P, Rockville, Maryland, President & Iranian law expert witness 6/2006 – present
  • Iranian law expert in Safaei v. Salim (CA), Testified by Mr. S. Mirzaei
  • Iranian law expert in Ghassemi v. Ghassemi (LA)
  • Iranian law expert in Daryan v. Ahmadi (VA)
  • Iranian law expert in Badiey v. Badiey (DL)
  • Islamic and Shari’a law expert in Touma v. Almodamqa (MD)
  • Iranian law expert in in Fatemi v. Nouri Vaziri (MD)
  • Iranian law expert in divorce case of Azari v. Azari (MD)
  • Provide legal and administrative services to the Iranian-American community;
  • Translate official and legal documents for Farsi to English and vice versa;
  • Law Offices of A.P. Pishevar and Associates, Rockville, Maryland, Legal Analyst, 8/2005-6/2006
  • Analyzing cases consisting of harassment and discrimination against adverse job action based on race, religion, age, disability, sex or gender;
  • Drafting correspondence and court documents, including: applications, affidavits, responses;
  • Consulting for immigration cases for prospective applicants. Cobb County Superior Court, Cobb County, Georgia, Investigator, 2/2003- 6/2004
  • Determined eligibility for court appointed lawyers through the Circuit Defender’s Office;
  • Liaised to Superior Court Judges and Court Administrator;
  • Law Firm Number 40, Tehran, Iran, Deputy-In-Charge and Legal Adviser, 3/1995-11/2001 Tax advisor and court litigator;
  • Supervised between 10-15 staff members;
  • Legal Advisor to the Embassies of Croatia, New Zealand, and UAE;
  • Drafting correspondence and court documents, including: applications, affidavits, responses, etc